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Deposit Funds

Funding your Trading Account:

Choose any available method of Funds Transfer! Broco is aiming to expand its range of payment methods to suit the needs of all clients. A wider range of Electronic Funds Transfer and bank wire facilities of your choice. Find all options in your personal area.

Currency of transfer Fee for deposit Withdrawal fee Processing period
Foreign currency transfer 4
USD, EUR As per tariffs of your bank
0% until
June 30
0,1%, but not less than $13 and it does not exceed $68 6 Up to five business days
Electronic payments
Liberty Reserve
Liberty Reserve
USD 1%
not less than $0.01 and not more than $2.99

0% until
June 30
0% 5 within 1 business day
USD 2,7%
0% until
June 30
0% * Deposit: Real–Time 1
Withdrawal: during 1 working day
WebMoney WMZ / WME / WMR
USD, EUR, RUB 0.8%;
but not more than: $50 / €50

0% until
June 30
but not more than $50 / €50
Deposit: Real–Time 1
Withdrawal: up to 5 days
WebMoney cards
USD by voucher One business day
Credit Cards
VISA/ Mastercard (processing)
RUB 2,9%
0% until
June 30
Real–Time 1
USD, EUR 5,5%
0% until
June 30
Real–Time 1
Funds transfer within one Customer trading account
AT, BT, CURRENEX, CQG USD, EUR 3 3 One business day
  • 1 Broco is not responsible for any delays which happen due to the fault of the payment system.
    If you deposited via bank card, withdrawal can only be made in 45 days after depositing.
  • 2 Transfer of funds is carried out in USD only. In case of depositing funds to your Moneybookers account in a currency other than USD, currency conversion fee will be applied by the system.
  • 3 When currency is different (for example, you have BT account in EUR and SR account in USD), fee for transfer is 2% of the transferred funds.
  • 4 Only the sending bank commission is indicated. The correspondent banks commissions are deducted from the amount of transfer.
  • 5 Withdrawal through the system is made only for those who funded their account through the same method and only through the purse which was used for depositing.
  • 6 Withdrawal by bank is conducted in proportion to the amount deposited by bank including bank card processing. As per 4.6 clause of client agreement, Company may choose withdrawal method among methods used by Client for depositing.

Step by Step Guide to Withdrawing Funds

The withdrawal procedure is the same for the banking and the electronic systems.

It usually takes 3 to 4 days.

To withdraw the funds from your trading account please follow the procedure as described below:

Step 1
Please enter you Private Office and choose the “Submit a withdrawal request” tab. Specify the amount to be withdrawn in your request. Then choose payment details of the system that you want to use for the withdrawal. And after that press the “Submit a request” tab.
Step 2
Please check your mailbox (the email address that you stated at registration) for the confirmation that your request is in process.
Step 3
After the request is completed you will receive a notification that the requested amount of funds has been withdrawn from your trading account.
Step 4
Your funds are now withdrawn from your trading account.

Funds transfer

You can make an internal transfer of funds between trading accounts if both accounts belong to you.

You can submit a request for the internal transfer through your Private Office.

There is no fee for transfers of funds with the same currency of both deposits.

If deposits of your trading accounts are in different currencies than there will be a fee of 2% of the transfer amount in the currency of the sending account.

The internal transfer is processed within three business days.


Under no circumstances will third party or anonymous payments of any kind be accepted. You can only deposit funds from a bank account or credit/debit card registered in your name.