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Would you like to improve your trading results? Would you like to reduce the time and effort you spend on complicated calculations and market analysis? Do you look for ways to improve your calculation accuracy and to boost your trading?

MirrorTrader offers you automatic forex trading as an instant access to the Forex market. Out of 70 automated trading strategies, MirrorTrader is the most efficient and profitable system.

Take a step to explore MirrorTrader web terminal! This platform interface is user friendly therefore it is suitable for both beginners and professional traders.

Targeted audience

MirrorTrader is an ideal software tool for those traders who:

  • prefer high efficiency trading
  • appreciate innovative and fully automated computation algorithm
  • desire to boost trading efficiency
  • look forward to obtain other professionals’ expertise

MirrorTrader allows you to significantly decrease the “human factor” effect, and to diminish the psychological aspects of decision making.

All forex trading strategies provided in MirrorTrader were designed by professional traders from all over the world. It allows you to trade while employing one of the automated forex trading strategies listed or to create a trading portfolio while taking advantage of several various forex trading strategies offered in MirrorTrader.

Strategies can be evaluated directly in the terminal; the evaluation is based on the following criterias: profitability, activity level, and risk rate it also allows you to observe trading results in the actual market environment.

Find your ideal forex trading strategy now.

All questions regarding MirrorTrader can be forwarded to the project manager.

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