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While looking for Currenex brokers, turn to our offer! Currenex Classic provides you with unlimited freedom of action in the Forex market.

Currenex platform represents one of the largest ECN–systems operating with forex instruments and getting feed from more than seventy largest financial organizations. Direct quotations provide users with the ability of complete independent, transparent and reliable control over the prices which precisely reflect the market situation in every point of time.

Currenex forex means the best quotations, sound liquidity and the most efficient orders execution with use of hi-tech solutions which were applied in the platform development and which allow to create the quickest electronic trading system.

The ECN system is dedicated for Currenex Forex Trading. It represents a virtual trading platform uniting trading actors through a telecom infrastructure. Currenex Brokers provide you with the best facilities so you can trade without any intermediary. Within the Currenex Platform by Broco you can view all offers and bids and select the most suitable contract. Due to our high-tech solutions and instant order execution, Currenex system stands out from the rest of platforms.

For whom?

Currenex Classic is a platform for those traders who prefer to make money with the currency exchange rates difference and in the same time:

  • applies innovative technological solutions
  • appreciates the instant orders execution
  • prefers transparent quotations
  • realizes all benefits of scalping

How does it work?

  • The ability to enter a limit and stop-loss order for those banks that were previously chosen in accordance with user's defined criteria.
  • The opportunity of flexible management of the trading process by means of direct interaction between traders and banks (request for quotations from banks, exclusive price requests with a numerous types of orders).
  • The opportunity to join the automatic price setting systems both user's defined and integrated into the platform, including Cognotec and Reuters (AVT).
  • The delayed orders proceeding is realized in an optimal way – orders are placed instantly within any price offset.
  • The trading is carried on with use of Microsoft Excel tables in addition to the existing advanced orders management package.

Why Currenex?

  • 28 currency pairs available for trading
  • instant orders execution
  • an access to level2 and to real market volumes
  • narrow spreads
  • no re-quotation
  • Non Dealing Desk (NDD) technology
  • expanded list of orders (Standard, Conditional)
  • all transactions information is protected, absolute confidentiality

Why Broco?

  • Market spread, no mark-up: you are always aware about the brokerage fee. The Company does not widen spreads! The brokerage fee is always clear and does not change: it is 6 USD per 100,000 in the amount of base currency!
  • Demo-version of the Currenex Classic trading platform.
  • Direct quotations, no intervention between the Client's trading terminal and the market-maker (prime-broker etc).
  • web-interface: your trading is not tied to the one specific computer, all operating activities are carried out on the server, there is no need to install a special software.
  • The opportunity of one-click trading, right from the level2 – and this is perfect for pipsers!

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