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CQG Trading Terms

Currency of the deposit USD
Minimal deposit
  • For futures microcontracts trading1 – 500 USD
  • For popular futures with decreased daily margin2 and spreads trading – 2 000 USD
  • For options trading – 5 000 USD
  • For other financial vehicles trading – 5 000 USD
Minimum trade volume
  • One exchange traded future contract
  • One exchange traded option contract
  • Futures: 4 USD per trade, 8 USD round turn (including exchange fees)
  • Spreads: 6.25 USD per trade, 12.5 USD round turn
  • Options: 10 USD per trade, 20 USD round turn
Options margin
  • Buy (call or put) – 10% of underlying option asset initial margin.
  • Sell (call or put) – trading terms are set after preliminary contact
Deposit and withdrawal of funds Bank transfer 3
Margin Call level 100%
Exchanges Comex/Nymex, ICE( Europe) ICE(USA), Liffe, Eurex, MATIF, CME (Globex), CBOT.
Trading terminal CQG Trader, CQG Integreted Client.
Informational support Trading Central Dow Jones

1 Full list of contracts available for deposits over $500:

  • M6A — Futures microcontract for Australian Dollar;
  • M6B — Futures microcontract for British Pound;
  • M6C — Futures microcontract for Canadian Dollar;
  • M6E — Futures microcontract for Eur/USD currency pair;
  • M6J — Futures microcontract for Japanese Yen;
  • M6S — Futures microcontract for Switzerland Frank;

With 500$ deposit you can only hold one position for one of the above listed instruments.

2 Following contracts take part in promotion:

  • EEU — Futures for Euro contract;
  • CA6 — Futures for Canadian Dollar;
  • JY6 — Futures for Japanese Yen;
  • DA6 — Futures for Australian Dollar;
  • EP — Futures for mini-S&P 500 index;
  • CGE — Futures for Gold;
  • CLE — Futures for Crude Oil;

Please pay attention:

  • You can open not more than one lot for any of the above listed contracts;
  • Decreased margin is applicable during daytime. Trades which are not closed by clients intraday (7:00 am –8:00 pm London time) shall be closed by company;
  • Accounts taking part in promotion must be opened in USD;

3 The first deposit to the account can only be made via bank transfer. Further you can use any convenient method of deposit.

  • Commission for any method of deposit except for bank transfer is 3.5% + $25.
  • Company reserves the right to withhold $40 for withdrawal in case of CQG accounts stay dormant