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CQG features

CQG Spreader
allows you to create, execute and manage spread strategies with large number of legs and to work efficiently with incomplete orders. CQG Spreader provides with an access to CQG Spreader Core servers allocated closely to the exchanges, which allows you to modify and execute the leg orders in less than one millisecond.
allows you to monitor the market moves and depth of market. Using DOMTRader you will be able to switch between different contracts instantly, set an order expiry type and a type of the order (including CQG Smart Orders), modify the price scale and place market and limit orders, as well as modify and cancel orders and liquidate any opened positions.
Order Ticket
gives a clear understanding of market situation. Quick trading buttons and orders management window are available.
Simple Order Ticket
a simplified version of Order Ticket with two buttons — buy & sell — available.
Orders and Positions
track and manage your futures account, using real-time prices. Track the summary data displaying a daily activity for a single account or for all accounts together.
Automatic Trading
setting parameters for automatic placement of market orders, orders cancellation or positions liquidation on the basis of CQG Alert signals.
Order Book
monitoring the number of bid and ask orders, cancellation of active orders.
Enhanced Quote SpreadSheet
opportunities to customize the quotes display and electronic trading windows, to manage orders and trading in different markets within a single window.
Algorithmic Order Builder
feature for creation of the user's own unique order types with own strategies, using familiar programming languages.

Data displaying interfaces:

Market Watch
Displays a current quote for the specified contract and its change against the previous day results, including prices for futures, options, stocks, indices, spreads etc.
Quote Board
Displays open, high, low, last quotes in the bid/ask mode or just a last trade prices, change against the previous day results, spreads and estimated quotations.
Custom Quote Board
Displays over 200 kinds of data and indicator values for the selected contract.
Quote SpreadSheet
Table view, with instruments shown in rows and values for these instruments shown in columns.
Enhanced Quote SpreadSheet
A more flexible table view with more than 200 kinds of data available.
Time & Sales Data
Table view of real-time information about closed trades, bids, asks, changes and volumes.