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CQG provides direct access to CME, CBOT, NYMEX, ICE and EUREX. A wide range of financial instruments such as futures, options, indices, spreads are available within a single trading platform.

For more than twenty years CQG provided banks, investment companies, brokerage companies and other major players of financial markets with quotations. With its own infrastructure CQG gets quotations directly from exchanges, without any intermediaries, and its monitoring centers watch the quotations 24 hours a day.

Quotes are transferred to CQG through the FIX/FAST protocol — an acknowledged world standard for transferring financial information.

CQG features also provides intraday data for the period of nine years, which has a significant importance for purposes of analysis.

For whom

CQG offers the optimal trading platforms for those professional traders — both scalpers and investors — who:

  • prefer to work directly with exchange markets
  • use innovative technological solutions
  • value the instant orders execution
  • want to work with transparent quotations

How it works

Our Clients have a choice of two trading platforms — CQG Trader or CQG Integrated Client.

Both applications have similar interfaces and allow users to conduct their trading transactions directly at exchanges, delivering orders very quickly.

Test CQG

Trading with a demo account:

CQG Trader

  1. Fill in the Application Form and press the "Submit"’ button.
  2. All the information, including your user ID and password, will be sent to your email provided in the Application Form.

CQG Trader provides the same accurate and reliable information and electronic trading as CQG Integrated Client does except diagrams and analytics.

Download CQG Trader

CQG Integrated Client

CQG Integrated Client

This is a modern complex system combining the necessary financial information and tools for professional analysis and electronic trading. It delivers quotes in a real-time mode and has a professional graphic interface. It allows trading agricultural and exotic goods futures, grains, energy, metals and international financial futures.

Above that, CQG Integrated Client provides:

  • accurate quotations 24 hours a day
  • various diagrams, including TFlow® diagram and indicators developed by CQG
  • different quotations views, two of them are exported to Excel
  • аlert signals (sound, color, email) linked to the price, time, values of indicators, allowing to automatically enter the orders
  • an opportunity to create a contracts portfolio and to scan the market for meeting the specified parameters
  • an opportunity to create user's own trading systems, to test it, optimize and apply
  • ease of placement, modifying and cancellation of orders, usable news view and search module, providing with news from five sources of information including Dow Jones
  • opportunity to chat with the CQG Technical Support.

Trading with Broco

  1. Currency of the deposit — USD
  2. Minimal deposit amount is $10,000
  3. 24 hours technical support
  4. Clients informational support: Trading Central Technical Analysis in your Personal Area
  5. Funds protected. Confidentiality.

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