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Expiration rules for CFD Futures in Broco Trader

  1. Futures CFDs in Broco Trader 4.0 terminal have expiry date shown in the pop-up message for the contract as well as in the CFD expiration calendar on the web-site.
    Правила экспирации инструментов CFD на фьючерсы
    Правила экспирации инструментов CFD на фьючерсы
  2. Two days before the scheduled expiration (except for the weekend: on Friday the notification about Monday and Tuesday is sent)the Company through internal mail sends clients notifications with the list of contracts due to expiry, the date and time of their expiration. This notification is also published on the forum of the company, in the thread entitled "Notification about Futures CFD expiry" in the "Online Support" section
    Правила экспирации инструментов CFD на фьючерсы
  3. On expiry of the time period specified in the previously sent notification, the contract due to expire shall be set to "View only" mode. All opened positions for expired contracts shall be closed by Technical Support Service of the Company in compliance with the last market prices (bid price for long positions, ask price – for short positions) of the trading session, pending orders shall be canceled and the contract shall be removed from the list of the terminal.
    Upon arrival of expiry date the liquidity may be low whereas volatility of the contract may grow. Therefore the probability of price gaps is high. Pay attention to opened trading positions with the contracts due to expiry within the nearest 2 – 3 days and carefully calculate potential risks on transactions.
  4. Ending date and time of expiration is the date and time stated in the specification list on web-site of the Company. In case of any discrepancies between the information contained on the web-site and other sources, the information on web-site of the Company shall prevail.
  5. Technical Support Service of the Company shall monitor and ensure availability of at least two nearest months of supply of every Futures CFD on the list eligible for trading . On the event of absence of two supply months within two business days Technical Support Service shall add missing months of supply and update the history of quotations.
  6. Along with regular list of Futures CFDs for trading, the server also provides the information contract with "_CONT" postfix rendering continuous feed of quotations for a respective Futures CFD. This contract is not subject to trading.
  7. Expiration rules for “Mini” real trading server are similar to those working on “Classic” real trading server except for the fact that only one nearest month of supply is available for every Futures Contract for Difference.