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LotsView application is used for preliminary evaluation of the margin applicable to the trade.

LotsView indicator calculates and displays the size of the aggregated lot size which could have been reached in case fixed leverage is used for the trade in whole.

LotsView installation manual

  1. Download distributive.
  2. Extract the files.
  3. Go to the "experts" folder in the Broco Trader root directory. For example: C:\Program Files\Broco Trader\experts.
  4. Copy extracted files to the correspondent folders of the terminal.
  5. Restart your terminal.
  6. Look for the LotsView indicator in the "Navigator", the "Custom Indicators" section.
  7. Double click on it. Click on the "OK" button in the new window.

Once the indicator is launched every new trade will be split to display the lots in the indicator window.

Please note that updater terminal has LotsView installed by default in the "Customs indicators" section.


Download ExpirationNotifier


  • Extra remind about approaching date of expiry for contracts in trading;
  • Notification about expected expiration date for a certain number of days prior to expiry;
  • Daily notification about expiration of the contract upon which you have opened positions if indicator is on;
  • Notification via pop up window showing type of contract, date of expiry and number of opened orders.

Manual for installation of ExpirationNotifier:

  1. Download archive;
  2. Unpack archive;
  3. Enter "Indicators" folder. For example: C:\Program Files\Broco Trader\experts\indicators\
  4. Copy files from unpacked archive into respective folder of trading terminal's directory;
  5. Restart the terminal;
  6. Find ExpirationNotifier indicator in "User indicators" menu of "Navigator";

Set preferences of indicator prior to using it:

  1. In "Navigator — User indicators" menu by double clicking with left button of your mouse active chart of chosen indicator put "ExpirationNotifier" either attach it to chart by choosing relevant item of quick menu. At that window of preferences with several inputs automatically occurs.
  2. "Input parameters" contain environment variable "period_in_days" which can be managed from the terminal. "0" value is set by default. To change required variable, you need to double click its current value in table and change it to the one you need.
  3. By changing "ext_delay" variable you set delay in seconds at the end of which notification is conducted;


On setting "5" expiry the notification shall reach you 5 days prior to expiration if you have opened positions on the contract under expiry. Under "0" value you will get notification on the day of expiry.

Broco Archive Client

Download Broco Archive Client

Broco Trader quotation archive is designed to provide an opportunity to download stored price history from Broco's server and to save it on one's computer.

Quotation archive contains:

  • The most complete Forex securities price history.
  • The largest FUTURE contracts quoting database available.
  • Previously expired future contracts quotes including those ones with expiration dates back up to the year 2007.

This software allows downloading the necessary contracts price history and saving it in two different formats: text file (csv) and Broco Trader terminal format (hst). The second format allows saving data directly in the terminal without any additional manipulations. The software will automatically look for the terminal location; it will identify the server, where trading account is opened. The user will only have to choose the server (Real, Demo, Contest) assigned for quotes to be stored.

Launching the software:

  1. Download the software from the official site to your computer.
  2. Run the program.
  3. Choose the securities, time frame, periods and click either Start button or "Receive all history". Save received data by clicking "Save" button or "File" — "Save as".
  4. Launch Broco Trader and import the history or open it independently.

Updated quoting archive provides convenient access to the most recent quoting data base which can be used for technical analysis of price history of both existing and already expired CFD futures contracts and FOREX securities.

Broco Trader MultiTerminal

Download Broco trader multiterminal

Broco Trader MultiTerminal is dedicated for managing variety of accounts simultaneously and will ideally suit both for managers dealing with investor's accounts and traders handling various accounts at the same time.

Broco Trader MultiTerminal is based on Metatrader Multiterminal therefore it allows managing any number of accounts, obtain quotes for any instruments, place all kinds of orders and view history of operations for all accounts. Besides, real–time news from financial markets enters the terminal. New terminal successfully combine functionality and usability. The program’s interface is similar to Broco Trader 4 Client terminal’s interface, it is very easy and any trader, acquainted with Broco Trader, will acquire the new program within several minutes.


  • managing instruments of Forex, Futures and CFD markets;
  • real–time quotes and news;
  • simultaneous operating with variety of accounts;
  • confidentiality of operations conducted and support of Advanced Security technology;
  • multilingual interface;
  • internal terminal mail;
  • interoperatible and usable.

Broco Trader Mobile

Using Broco Trader Mobile enables you to view quotes and analyze charts, receive news as well as initiate or close positions. Broco Trader Mobile is intended for pocket PC supporting Windows CE or Windows Mobile.

Mobile attachments for MetaTrader 4 are provided for free.


  • superior technical support and assistance;
  • the purest data — without exceptions!
  • in–built charts and display of high quality;
  • various filters, charts and indicators;
  • lifetime support and assistance from the company.

Broco Trader Smartphone

Broco Trader Smartphone is a comprehensive trading terminal with support of charts, indicators of technical analysis, sound indicators and newswire — in your smart phone! Programs are intended for smart phones supporting Microsoft® Windows Mobile® smartphone.

Mobile attachments for Broco Trader are provided for free.


  • superior technical support and assistance;
  • the purest data — without exceptions!
  • in–built charts and displaying of high quality;
  • various filters, charts and indicators;
  • lifetime support and assistance from the company.