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Application for Android

Meta Trader 4 for Android is purposed for monitoring financial markets, status of opened trades and executing trading operations with the help of Android device. This application enables you to employ all contracts of Broco Trader terminal.

To start, enter Google Play and download platform.

How to start:

  1. Once installation is complete, upon the first start of software you will be offered to open a new demo account either switch to existing account.

  2. If you already have existing account with us, just select "login to existing account" item.

  3. Then enter "broco" in search field. Four servers will be offered.

  4. Choose the server you need and enter login and password from your existing account. You many choose option of saving password or decide to enter the password each time you log in. Upon registration, new account will be shown in "Accounts" menu.

  5. Using mobile version of the terminal you can set a new demo account. For that press "Open demo account" button.

  6. Then paste "broco" in search field and select required server.

  7. Enter all fields and choose "open account" item.

  8. Upon successful completion of registration, menu with login and password is displayed. You may copy these access details to clipboard. The account opened by you will further be shown in "Accounts" menu.