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Managed accounts became more affordable! Requirement to base capital of Manager is five times less now and was reduced to $1000! For deposits from $1000 to $2000 investment limit is set on the level of $10 000, for deposits from $2 000 to $3 000 the limitation is $15 000, for the range of deposit within $3 000 - $4 000 the limitation for investments is $20 000 and for the range $4 000 - $5 000 the limitation is $30 000.

Managed Accounts for Manager means:

  • obtaining revenue both from  their own investments and Customers’ investments;
  • a common trading account for unlimited number of Investors: even all accounts of the server can serve as Investors for one or for all funds of the server;
  • multi currency provision: There can be investors from various currencies of deposit;
  • exploiting one of the most comfortable trading platforms  BrocoTrader;
  • no limitation upon frequency of trades for Manager’s account;
  • flexibility of settings of Managed Accounts.

Eight steps to become a Managed Account Manager:

  1. Register in the Personal Area and open a live trading account of BT type minimum amount of not less than Managed Account.
  2. Deposit in your live trading account a with at least $5 000;
  3. Submit a completed Managed Account application form via your Personal Area;
  4. Read the Supplementary Agreement to the BT-08 Contract and:
    • send a scanned copy of the signed Agreement by email to [email protected];
    • send two original copies of the signed Agreement via postage service to the Company address;
  5. The Managed Accounts Manager will contact you in order to know what are your preferences regarding the operation of the Managed Account;
  6. A confirmation letter with your registration details will be sent to your email specified in your application form;
  7. You should transfer funds from your live trading account to your Managed Account via the Personal Area;
  8. Submit your offer agreement settling relations between the Manager and the Investor in the Personal Manager's thread.

Proceed to the registration form in the Personal Area

Any inquires concerning managed accounts should be addressed to the project manager