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Jury Prokudin

Project manager pamm.broco +7 812 334 7822 (ext. 1045)

Managed Accounts for Investor mean:

  • absence of non—market risks which is ensured by including Manager’s funds into account;
  • security system ensuring trading at the account for Manager and preventing withdrawing funds from it;
  • manager’s professionalism confirmed by a positive operating experience and high ratings;
  • transparent policy of handling account;
  • opportunity of diversifying market risks allocating investments of different Managers at Managed Accounts;
  • freedom of action: you can deposit and withdraw funds at any time.

Five steps to become a Managed Account Investor:

  1. Register in the Personal Area and open a live trading account of BT type which will be used for deposit and withdrawal of funds to the Manager's Managed Account;
  2. Replenish your live trading account;
  3. Choose a Managed Account's Manager;
  4. Read the Managed Account Manager's offer agreement;
  5. Transfer funds from your live trading account to the Manager's Managed Account via your Personal Area (funds deposit, "Invest" button).

The minimum amount of deposit is decided by the Manager of the certain Managed Account.

Any inquires concerning PAMM accounts should be addressed to a PAMM project manager.