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Broco offers You various types of partnerships based on your resources, needs and desires. Choose the most suitable offer for You and start earning with Broco right away.

Introducing Broker

An Introducing Broker, IB is the business of an independent entity (legal or an individual) dedicated to bringing new Customers towards the Company's services.

The principle of this partnership program is as follows: you bring Customers to Broco and in return you get commission from their trading activities. Support is provided by the professional brokers of the Company while you can focus on bringing more customers and monitor their trading activity.

Broco's IB program is open for anybody because there are no strict requirements for cooperation in the agreement. The basic requirement for potential Partner is their desire to work.

Regional agent

A Regional agent is an advanced level for an IB Partner (legal entity or a financial institution) dedicated to involvement and support of the Customers in the region of its location.

The terms of cooperation for the regional agents is similar to the Introducing Broker terms, but this type of partnership suggests running your own marketing campaigns and offices.

After checking if the qualification of the potential regional agent is substantial for maintaining the Clients we will issue "Regional agent certificate" for our Partner. The information about Broco's regional agents is placed in the relevant section> of the Company's web–site.

The main requirements for regional agents:

  • office room over 20 sq. m. in the central or business part of the city;
  • well–trained staff with a high awareness of Broco services and the fundamentals of the financial markets;
  • obligation not to conclude similar agreements with other companies.

Duties of regional agents:

  • consulting Customers about Broco services in their region;
  • arranging training classes over the Company's programs.

White Label

White Label is the cooperation program addressed to financial institutions with experience in the market. This program allows expanding the scope of provided services by introducing Internet trading capability under their own brand.

Broco will issue a Meta Trader 4 platform containing the Partners branding settings such as the name, logo and contact details and will provide all the necessary instructions.

The White Label program requires implementing duties such as bringing Customers and providing the necessary support. Meanwhile Broco will provide technical and marketing support along with all the information needed to operate. A Partner working under the White Label program receives commission as the part of the spread over all transactions their Customers are involved in.

Main requirements for White Label:

  • a registered legal entity;
  • an existing Customers database;
  • a marketing plan for 6 months;
  • an investment in the order of $10 000 for the terminal and its setup.

More details can be found in the IB agreement as well as in the Policy towards IB Partners.

You can also study the information about the calculation of your rebate and the ways of bringing new Customers.

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