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Rebate for referring Investors to PAMM accounts

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Broco offers rebate schedule to Introducing Brokers for working with Managed Accounts (MA).

Now every referred Investor will bring you a part of profit. IB rebate for Investors is based on volume of investments of referred traders.

Special advantages of the program:

To get rebate, you as a Partner only need to introduce client to money manager. In this task you can refer to the rating of funds managers.

Money managers care about profitable trading as much as they risk their own funds. Therefore it becomes the sort of guarantee of their careful approach to investments.

Asset management is ideal for minor investors because one can trust moderate savings to asset manager.

We hope this feature helps you to extend basis for your earnings.

What is to be done?

All Partner needs to do is to spark client's interest in investments to Managed Account and send client a link with IB code to our web-site. As soon as client registers account and invests, your commission starts running.

Example of how your commission is formed:

Manager opens Managed Account and invests $3000;

Partner 1 referred Investor 1 to this Managed Account who brought $2000.

Partner 2 referred Investor 2 to this Managed Account who brought $10 000.

In total deposit of Managed Account turns to be $15 000.

Within a month number of transactions on Managed Accounts constituted 100 lots per EUR/USD pair giving Partner 8$ per lot at minimum rate.

Rebate is calculated according to the formula:
Rebate for Managed Account multiplied to the share of clients referred by partner.

Rebate of Partner 1 will be:
100 lots * $8 * share of referred Investor 1 = 100*8*0.133 = 800*0.133 = $106,4.

Rebate of Partner 2 will be: 100 lots * $8 * share of referred Investor 2 = 100*8*0.667 = 800*0.667 = $533,6.

This way Partner 1 gets $106,4 whereas rebate of Partner 2 amounts to $533,6 – extra profit only for one recommendation on investments.

Earn extra profit by bringing Investors for Managed Accounts!