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Policy towards IB Partners

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Policy towards IB Partners establishes general principles for decision making and relations between the Company and IB Partners (further — "Partners").

Principles and regulations established by Policy are compulsory for all departments of Company from the moment of its adoption.

Amendments to Policy are made by the decision of Company’s management.

Terms and definitions

Principle — is somebody’s internal regulation or rule which determines behavior of entity or individual in various situations. Principle defines what good or bad behavior is.

Rule — is a requirement prescribing to commit or abstain from some action (“action” shall mean some activity or inactivity).

Purposes of the policy

  1. To ensure unanimity of positions and conformity of actions of Company and IB Partner;
  2. To ensure mutual trust and mutually beneficial cooperation among Company and IB Partner;
  3. To ensure growth potential and geographical expansion of Company through IB network;

Principles of the policy

  1. Mutually beneficial cooperation which means:

    We are interested in successful developing of our Partners. Thus we are ready to share the profit obtained by Company from Customers involved by Partners;

  2. A long–terms cooperation which means:

    We are interested in long–term cooperation with every Partner. Therefore, we are to comply with agreements reached;

  3. Honesty which means:

    We keep our relationships public and fair hoping that our Partners will behave in the same way;

  4. Close cooperation which means:

    In consort with Partners we will solve problems occurred in our relationships taking into account interests and opinions of the opposite Part, exchange with information in due time and come to middle ground;

  5. Mutual responsibility which means:

    We share not only profit but also risks related to maintenance of Customers with our Partners;

Principal rules

  1. Partner has a right to:
    1. Receive reports about transactions of all Customers of Partner’s group monthly;
    2. Receive and put in place advertising materials provided by Company;
    3. Consult with Company’s officers upon questions of running business, advertising policy and technical aspects;
    4. Obtain a reward for all Customers involved;
    5. Obtain access to Partner’s closed thread of the forum;
  2. Company has a right to:
    1. Waive the services of Partner whose actions break principles, rules and terms of Partnership Agreement;
    2. Inform Customer of Partner’s group that the last earns commission reward for conducting operations at Customer’s trading account;
    3. Request Partner and obtain report about their activity upon involving Customers for working with Company;
  3. Company expects from Partner
    1. Vigorous activity upon involvement of Customers for working with Company;
    2. Actions dedicated for creating and support favorable image of Company;
    3. Providing Customers with complete and accurate information about Company’s services;
    4. Active participation in discussions devoted to improving quality and expanding the scope of services proposed by Company etc.
  4. Partner does not have a right to:
    1. Commit transactions over Customers’ accounts without their prior consent in writing;
    2. Involve Company’s Customers deliberately (Company’s direct Customers and Customers of Partner’s group) for their Partner’s group;
    3. Commit or initiate actions for artificial increase of transactions at Customers’ accounts;
    4. Commit or initiate actions impacting Company’s image and reputation;
    5. Perform on behalf of Company without mentioning the status of IB;
    6. Conduct with Customer any settlements in cash or by a non–cash transfer, including receiving money funds, securities or another property from Customers without a special agreement with Company authorizing to undertake such actions;
    7. Divulge confidential information obtained from Company;
  5. Company is liable to:
    1. Preliminary informing of Partner about any changes in services furnished by Company;
    2. Take into account all Customers involved by Partner in their Partner’s group;
    3. Save Customers in their group on the condition that Customer expresses a wish to transfer to another Partner or be serviced directly by Company;
    4. Charge Partner with a commission reward monthly;
    5. Involve Partner for taking part in new projects and services;
    6. In due time to ensure ready technical base for Partner’s efficient operating;
    7. Provide all Partners with equal terms for activity and developing;
    8. Consider Partner’s claims and make decisions upon conflict situations within the nearest possible time;
  6. Coordination between Company and Partner
    1. Company provides Partner with information support (recommendation, advice, advertising support) on the closed Partner’s forum devoted to activity of IB;
    2. Partner has a right to take part in discussions of current questions and cooperation with Company on the closed Partner’s forum;
    3. Partner has a right to obtain consultations and recommendations of Company’s responsible officials using Skype and e–mail;
    4. If there is a controversy, Partner has a right to lodge a claim in writing to e–mail: [email protected] within five business days from the moment of occurring foundations for their lodging and demand considering within the nearest time;