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Once your application is approved, a unique Partner code will be assigned to you and you will be able to see it in the right upper corner on the main Partner's page in the Personal Area.

The code on the web–site

If you intend to use website as the main tool for attracting new clients the first step is to register in the Personal Area. After checking the quality of your web–site and accuracy of the information presented you can place a special HTML-code on your website. This code will affiliate all clients coming from your website with you.


Even if you don't have your own website you are still able to attract new clients via the Internet. To do that you should include the unique partner number in all the links that you post online that lead to our website. All Customers visiting the Broco website via your link will be identified as your Customers.

Open Account Wizard

The Partner can use the "Open Account Wizard". all the clients who opened an account using this wizard are considered to be the Clients of the given partner. The wizard is very easy to use and a convenient solution when you have a special computer in the office dedicated for opening new accounts. It spares you from the necessity to monitor the technical aspect of identifying the client as your own.

Another way of using the "Open Account Wizard" is placing on your website in an iframe. This way the Customer can register a trading account that will be associated with you without leaving your website.

Identification of a Client

Another way of identifying that the client belongs to a partner is a special document that states that a Customer received support and any additional services from a Partner of the Company. As soon as the Partner proves us with a signed "Client Identification" form which is present in the Appendix 4 in the current Agreement, the Client will be moved to the Partner's group. The scanned "Client identification" form is to be delivered to [email protected]

The Client would also be moved to the Partner's group if he or she specifies the Partner's personal data (name, last name, partner's code) in the registration form in the Personal Area.

Principles of affiliating Clients

Our website stores a cookie on the computer of the Client. This data is recorded only once when the client visits our website through a partner's link for the first time. The cookie is valid (stored) for 6 months. If the Client visits our website at a later stage through another partners' link the new cookie would still contain the data of the partner that initially brought the Client to our website. We do this to be able to fairly identify which Partner brought the Client to us.

Please note! We strongly advice all our Partners to clear their cookies before opening an account for a new Client to avoid the following from happening: The Client uses Partner A's computer to open an account but the computer has the cookie from Partner B. The best thing to do before allowing the Client to register an account through one of Your computers is to:

  1. Clear the cookies of Your browser.
  2. Click on your Partners link to save the new cookie with the correct information.

If Client had visited our site before he came back through the partner's link the he or she will be considered a direct client and will not be added to the Partner's group.