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  1. Broco and it’s predecessors have been my personal trading choice for 3 years. I love Broco’s automatic trade execution which has led many price improvements on my market orders.

    Scott Kuehne, USA

  2. In my opinion, Broco is a good broker. It offers various trading context, such as the Broco Investor. Also there is still no bad image about Broco as far as I know. And the support gives an immediate response, so I think it is good for the communication between clients and broker

    Peter Kurniawan, Indonesia

  3. The Broco MT4 terminal is very good, stable. For customer services hopefully Broco can employ more English speaking personnel to help foreigner investors. By the way, Broco support is good also. The “BrocoPulse” broadcast is good, I like its music. Major improvement is that Double Futures instruments announce in English. The new website design of Broco is rather better than the old website, shows important info at a glance.

    Services are flexible. A person can choose among terminals and trading account they wish to test or open. I think Broco is the only one Forex broker which will always find a better way to improve

    Muhammad Syamil Bin Abdullah, Malaysia

  4. The investor4 platform is what you want, that’s the Currenex + MT4 Bridge, not the Brocotrader4; that’s only 4 digits and that is the deal desk. Execution is quick. 2 secs average and no slippage or disconnects on my VPS either. I made 40% in February and twice in March, and I made a 1000.00 wire transfer that took 3 days which is standard. Either way, anybody having problems should ask the foreign clients dept. in the forum. They are very responsive and answer all my questions and having a personal broker that actually responds is a plus. Commissions are better than MBT or ATC but the spread on this particular platform needs to come down just a bit. But all-in-all, they are a good company to go with.

    J. Thompson, Seattle, WA USA