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Bring your friend — get bonus

Working with Broco you can get even more benefits now. Recommend us to your friends and get reward per each referred Client. This promo allows you to earn up to 1000$ with live money!

Actions are simple:

  1. Enter the personal area, go to the page of sending invitation service.
  2. Enter e-mail of your friend you would like to invite.
  3. Choose to "invite friend".

If within a month from sending invitation your friend becomes client of Broco, you can prepare yourself for reward.

Terms of "Bring your friend" program:

  1. To have reward credited to the account, sender of invitation must open and deposit to real trading account in Broco within 30 days from the moment of sending invitation.
  2. By the moment of receiving invitation Recipient of invitation must not be a client of Broco Group.
  3. Recipient of invitation shall conduct trades with such groups of contracts as FOREX, FOREX_FX or CFD_FUTURES within a promotion period and total volume of such transactions must exceed scheduled minimum.
  4. Scheduled minimum of trading volume (in lots) is defined by the formula: First deposit/100 (relation of the first deposited amount to one hundred)
  5. Promotion period starts from the moment of the first deposit to trading account and deem finished in the end of the month next to the month when account is opened.
  6. Deposit date is considered to be the date of money entry to trading account of a client.
  7. Charge on reward is conducted within 7 business day from the ending moment of promotion period per each invited client separately.
  8. Amount of reward is 10% of the first deposit made by Recipient of invitation.
  9. Maximum number of invitations sent is 20 letters.
  10. Maximum number of invitations sent is 20 letters.
  11. Client invited within frameworks of this program cannot be added to IB group.
  12. Company reserves the right to cancel reward upon discovering manipulations with terms of promotion.


On May 5 you sent invitation to a number of friends. On May 7 your friend John took interested in Broco and set up live trading account. On May 10 he deposited 1000$.

Throughout May John has been actively trading with CFD of forex and futures in Broco Trader. Promotion period of this client lasts from May 10 till June 30. Minimum volume of trading for this client amounts to 10 lots (1000/100$) As per the terms of promotion, John has got almost 2 months to reach qualifications of our program.

In the beginning of June Company summarized results. If from deposit date (May 10) till the end of promotion (June 30) John managed to trade with more than 10 lots, he met conditions of the program, whereas you are qualified to get reward in the amount of 100$ - 10$ per each traded lot or 10% from deposit amount (1000$ * 10%).

Tell your friends about Broco and obtain reward with live money, up to 1000$!