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Broco's working hours during Russia Day

Broco's working hours are changed because of the national holiday of the Russian Federation:

Brokerage customer service:
09.06 one broker on duty
10.06 closed
11.06 one broker on duty
12.06 one broker on duty

Technical support:
09.06 closed
10.06 closed

IB and Marketing departments:
09.06-12.06 closed

Finance department:
10.06-12.06 depositing via banks in russian rubles is not available
09.06-12.06 any withdraws are not available; inside transfers are not availble
09.06-10.06 depositing via banks in EUR and USD is not available
Depositing via electronic transfers is available 24/7

Regional office:
09.06-12.06 closed

CFD on RTS index trading hours:
09.06- regual hours
10.06-12.06 closed

Please pay attention for above information while planning your trading activity