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Spreads went down to zero!

Broco group of companies provides unparalleled opportunity for forex traders. Now you can trade currency pairs EURUSD and USDJPY till June 15 without spreads and commissions! Those pairs will be marked with _NS postfix in Broco Trader platform.

How to participate in promotion:

  • Open account of Classic type within the period of promotion;
  • Deposit the amount from 500 USD (500 euro);
  • Apply for participation through ticket system in the personal area;

If you are already client of Broco with funded account, spread-free pairs will be available for you as well. For that please open a new account of Classic type and deposit the amount from 500 USD or EUR. Internal transfers are not accounted for such a deposit.

Terms of promotion:

  • Promotion is conducted from April 26 to May 18, 2012;
  • Participant of promotion is a holder of Classic account opened and funded with at least USD 500 (500 EUR) within the period of promotion; internal transfers are not accounted for promotion.
  • Trading with EURUSD_NS and USDJPY_NS pairs is available only upon approval of joining request from the moment of approval till June 15, 2012; on expiry of promotion mentioned pairs will only be available for closing positions;
  • Using EA is prohibited;
  • Maximum volume is limited with 2 lots;
  • Maximum cumulative volume of opened positions for each participating pair is 2 lots including pending orders;
  • Minimum duration of trade is 15 minutes; early closure of trade is charged with commission in the amount of double spread for this currency pairs;
  • If the difference between opening and closing price of trade is under 20 pips, commission in the amount of double spread is charged;
  • Locking position requires 100% margin to be deposited under each leverage;
  • Closing of opposite positions is prohibited;
  • Upon discovery of abuse made by client company reserves the right to remove account from promotion which will be followed by retention of amount equal to refund of spread under promotion terms;
  • Simultaneous management of participating accounts executed via the Multiterminal is prohibited; creation of any pool of accounts aimed at simultaneous operations on the Multiterminal principle is prohibited; upon discovery of such linked pools abused accounts will be moved to standard groups whereas all existing positions will be charged under standard spread;
  • Company reserves the right to examine transactions with a view to identity of IP addresses and interpret this identity as if one client manages several accounts which leads to removal of all suspected accounts from promotion, reconsidering refund of spreads and commissions and charging standard spreads for positions opened on those accounts.
  • How it works:

    It is an open secret that spread and commission of providers are to a certain extent better than spreads we give. It is normal and generally constitutes business of any broker. It worhts mentioning that liquidity providers link the possibility of narrowing spreads and lowered commissions with bigger volumes that can be produced by us.

    Therefore, our profit directly correlates with trading volume that we produce for liquidity provider. So we made unparalleled decision and removed spreads for popular instruments. Why do we need that? — To enhance trading volume. Why do I need it as a trader? — To reduce costs of your trading operations.

    Valeriy Maltsev, President of Broco Group of companies.

    Join Broco and trade on incredibly beneficial terms!